Dear Neighbors –

Today was a big day. We successfully got WBZ’s Investigative Unit to the sight. They filmed it all:
Our neighbors (a lemonade stand? love it!)
Our complaints (the history, the craziness of the tower’s location)
Floating the balloons to simulate the tower (do you see how high it is? Did you see it at Shawsheen Plaza as well ? We have 2 balloons up!)
Did you see the drone?? Thank you to Katey (Burnham) and her brother John for getting aerial shots of the height of the tower – they are submitting these to WBZ to show what the vista of the tower would be. Go Katey and John!!!
Check out the pics! (Thanks, Anil!)

Thank you to Carey and Danny for floating the balloons once again, and a BIG thank you for Carey’s work in organizing the WBZ team to our location. These kinds of stories push the government to react.

In addition, a big shout out to Alex Vispoli & B L’Italien’s office. Alex was willing to go on record for his disgust of this project. Further, B. L’Italien’s office is working the mechanics at the Federal and State level and is actively reaching back.